Ceramic Thermocouple Protection Tubes

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Nom: Tubes en céramique de protection de thermocouple Application: En céramique industriel
Matériau: Alumine en céramique, nitrure de silicium Si3n4 Certificat: ISO9001
Quantité de commande min: 100 branches Taille: Le dessin du client

alumina ceramic insulator


thermocouple sheath

Description de produit

Ceramic Thermocouple Protection Tubes​





Thermocouple Protection Tubes :


Thermocouple belongs to contact measuring temperature meter, temperature measurement in the production process, usually it direct contact with the measured object, in order not to make them the heat of components of the measured medium damage or chemical corrosion, with the protection tube as its protection device, to ensure the reliability of the thermocouple used and prolong its service life.







Minimum Order Quantity: 100 branches


Delivery Time: 60days after the order.


Packaging Details: Wooden Box (fumigation).


Product name: Ceramic Thermocouple Protection Tubes


Application: Structure Ceramic


Type: Ceramic Tubes


Material: Alumina Ceramic


Certification: ISO9001


Size: Customer's Drawing



Numéro de téléphone : 18629090689